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Prerequisites: BIO 111 & BIO 112

Subject: BIO-223

Study area: Organismal

Quarter: Spring

Time: Three class hours and laboratory

Years Taught: 2014 (Butler University), 2018


Course Description: This course uses evolutionary theory as an explicit framework to introduce students to the biology and diversity of insects. An emphasis is placed on insect ecology and its influence on major group radiations. Lectures topics will cover: (1) the mechanics of being an insect (how insects are put together and how they function); (2) the diversity of insects, including how to tell the major groups of insects apart; and (3) the ecology, behavior, development and conservation of insects. This course also includes lectures addressing the impact of insects in human society, especially in art and medicine. Laboratories provide students with a hands-on introduction to the external and internal anatomy of insects, the use of taxonomic keys to identify major families and the fundamental techniques used in the field of entomology. 

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