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August 2019

Our review paper entitled "The influence of signaling conspecific and heterospecific neighbors on eavesdropper pressure." was published in Frontiers Ecology and Evolution!


Paula A. Trillo                     Tiffany L. Lam

Christopher S. Benson       Oliver H. Pickering

Michael S. Caldwell            David M. Logue

This article is part of the research topic How Enemies Shape Communication Systems: Sensory Strategies of Prey to Avoid Eavesdropping Predators and ParasitesClick here to read other related articles.

Figure 1. Representative output from a model that predicts the number of eavesdroppers that will attack a focal individual (EF) of prey type 1, in an aggregation containing varying numbers of type 1 and type 2 signaling prey

April 2019

Welcome to the lab Lidia Molina Serpas!

December 2018

Our paper "Adaptive changes in sexual signaling in response to urbanization." was published in Nature Ecology & Evolution!


Wouter Halfwerk     Michiel Blaas

Lars Kramer           Nadia Hijner

Paula A. Trillo         Ximena E. Bernal

Rachel A. Page      Sandra Goutte

Michael J. Ryan     Jacintha Ellers

Check out our video abstract from the

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) YouTube page!

Listen to Dr. Alex Trillo give an interview about this 

research on the NPR podcast Science Friday.

Press Articles:

October 2018

Brian Ruether presents his X-Sig summer research at the X-Sig research conference and the UMBC undergraduate conference. All in the same weekend! Great job Brian!

September 2018

Welcome to the lab Cartier Jankura and Oliver Pickering! 

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