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Join Our Lab!

Are you interested in joining the Trillo Lab?

The Trillo Lab is always looking for highly motivated and intellectually strong students interested in behavior, ecology, and evolution to join our group. 

Our main focus areas of interest are:

  1. Species interactions

  2. Anti-predator defenses

  3. Sexual trait evolution

Please visit our Research page for more details. Check out our Lab News page for current information.

Potential avenues of research include video analysis, behavioral assays at Gettysburg College, and in the field in Panama.

What should you expect working in the Trillo Lab?

As much of our research is conducted in the field and on animal subjects, student researchers must be able to adapt quickly in high stress and unpredictable environments. In the Trillo Lab, you will learn proper field technique, how to design projects through trial and error, and how to produce high quality research (i.e. data analysis, writing, etc.).

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