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Tropical Terrestrial Biology

Prerequisites: BIO 111, BIO 112, and permission of the instructor

Subject: BIO-229

Study area: Organismal

Quarter: Spring

Time: Three class hours and 3-week summer field/lab program

Years Taught: 2017, 2019

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Video shot and edited by Tiffany Lam

Course Description: This course familiarizes students with current and relevant topics in tropical terrestrial biology. Students learn major concepts in tropical biodiversity, community ecology, and conservation. An emphasis is placed on the discussion of current research advances in tropical biology and conservation. Students also develop a general appreciation for the diversity of life and the processes than contribute to this diversity across latitudinal gradients. This course combines a lecture/seminar section during the Spring semester with a lab section/field trip to Manu National Park in Perú, at the beginning of the summer break, where students get hands-on experience in field ecology while exploring a wide variety of tropical ecosystems and conducting their own research. 

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